New Ways of Being

In our contemporary lifestyles, between the classroom, the gym, shopping outlets, city centres, housing estates and virtual spaces it’s very difficult to find places where our experience is not dictated by some considered act if authorship. Reality for us is constructed to a large degree and, whilst this might seem like a scary prospect what it means is that we, as individuals have the ability and right to consider and adjust the manner by which we interact with and within that environment. Not happy with the life you lead, the behaviours that society silently requests you adhere to? Not happy with the impact that has on your emotional wellbeing? All of this is adjustable, with a certain degree of effort. Archeopolis is a starting point for such change. It is a space where the behavioural rules and systems that have been constructed by society have been significantly reduced with the aim of allowing those who dwell within that time and that space and the interactions arising from both to explore new ways of existing and behaving and therefore constructing a new reality for themselves.

Archeopolis is a new project by Collective Unconscious aimed at people who wish to develop a greater understanding and mastery of themselves, their behaviours and the manner by which they interact with others.

As performance art practitioners we have first hand experience of the manner by which playful explorations of the person we are and how we interact with others has made us more confident in our everyday lives.

We are creating a fictional world that will allow you the opportunity to do the same. A world which sits outside of the normal rules of society. A world which invites you to explore different ways of engaging with others.

Our aim is to empower you to make positive changes in your life.

Archeopolis is an immersive performance-based experience, not a workshop. We will provide the opportunity for you to experiment but how you participate is up to you.