Saints are the martyrs of Archeopolis. They have forsaken the ties and restrictions imposed by everyday reality and accepted Archeopolis as reality itself. They are named after the hours of the day reflecting the tone and mood of that time in their actions. They are philosophical beings, concerned with questioning the nature of Archeopolis and those which inhabit it.        


Sinners are the seducers of Archeopolis. Obsessed with the touch of human skin against their own they will seek ways to draw others into sensuous interaction.


Sailors are the journeymen of Archeopolis. Comfortable everywhere, at home nowhere. They have a natural rapport with strangers, engaging in open and frank conversation about whatever takes their fancy. They will draw you in with their tales of travel, to unknown lands and states of conscious. In the morning they will be gone, yearning for that next voyage.


Sages are the teachers of Archeopolis. Each has his or her own means of instructing the uninitiated, their own ideology, their own pedagogy. Knowing that truth lies in the eyes of the perceiver, they are as capable of presenting false dreams as anything resembling knowledge.


Sacrifices are the essential core of Archeopolis, speechless bodies of knowing whose flesh forms the focus of the rituals undertaken as part of archeopolitikal practice. They are crucibles, collecting understanding from the direct experience of the asserted actions of the other archetypes.