The first manifestations of Archeopolis in the UK will occur in Spring – Summer 2014 in a range of secret locations. Please follow Collective Unconscious on Facebook for more information on these one-off events.

The first residential  experience will take place in Autumn and will have accommodation, food and drink included in the price of £200. There is a waiting list for this event here from which participants will be drawn from in order (see information below) Future manifestations will be presented at the cost of £250 so this is an opportunity join us as we tread towards a new future.




Each residential manifestation will be an opportunity to experience a deep and profound immersive experience, to live within the fiction, to eat, sleep and dwell within an alternate reality and experience a multitude of sensuous pleasures.

The manifestation will be produced by the team who were responsible for The Velvet State at this year’s Roskilde Festival (2013) and will be an evolution of the concept presented which was described as:

“The most unique experience this year” –

“It was wild” –

We are now accepting applications to participate in this unique and exclusive event.  Please join the waiting list and we will contact you on a first come first served basis when tickets become available.



A few things you need to know before you sign-up:

1. The ticket price for the first weekend will be £200. Please do not sign up to this list if you do not expect to be able to pay.

2. When a manifestation is imminent we will contact those at the top of the waiting list with a general location and specific date (which will be no less than three months in advance). You will then have two weeks to pay the full amount to secure your place. Your purchase will be limited to 5 tickets at this point.

3. If you do not pay within two weeks you will lose the opportunity to join that manifestation we offer that opportunity to the next in line.

4. If you expect to bring friends, then it would help us if you indicate the expected total number (including yourself)  next to your name (e.g. John Smith x2). You will not be held responsible for changes in the number of people you bring but it is simply an indication to help us with the management of the event.

5. The information that we are requesting will be used to select the most appropriate location for a particular manifestation of Archeopolis. It might not always be possible to locate a manifestation near to you and your location will not affect your place in the queue but we hope to reduce travel costs for our participants where possible.